You Have a Friend in Us

No matter how invulnerable you are, there are instances that will test your strength. You think sexual harassment and sexual assault happen only on regular civilians? Contrary to what you believe in, many members of the military go through the same predicament regularly. They may seem invulnerable to you as they fight for the country but they also fight against those whose goals include taking advantage of them. What is unfortunate is that there are even times when those people who they trust the most are the ones committing such crimes to them. Such can be crucial especially those who are deployed on the field. Instead of being focused on potential attacks from the enemies, they still need to watch their backs from other ‘enemies’ within. You do not believe it yet? This was reportedly happening to BOTH men and women. No gender is safe particularly if you are being pressured by those in command. While many are brave enough to make themselves known, there are still those who hide behind the shadows because they see the event that happened to them as something they should be ashamed about. They are suppressed because they are made to believe that it is their fault and there are times even when their ranks and position become at risk. This should not be the case. These people who we trust the most to give us protection should be protected too and we should have the initiative to act as their shield whether or not they appear strong. At the end of the day, together we are stronger. Here at Vet Wow, that is exactly our goal – to provide a safe haven to those members of the military who experienced military sexual trauma. We assure you that here, you will feel empowered because you have a friend in us. We are going to help you in every way that we can so that you can heal in all aspects of your personality. You may not have any visible scars but we know that you have a scarring inside that will never heal. No matter, we are here to help you out especially in times you are feeling hopeless about the situation. We are here to be of assistance to you in whatever way possible. Vet Wow is created mainly for the purpose of extending help to our veterans who suffer from unfortunate events such as mentioned above. Our job is to help with your rehabilitation and act as your support group. With us around, you do not anymore need to hide inside your garage door in Tampa. We are here to help you out. We have many members here who underwent the same incident as you so you can find here people who will understand. Trust that if you want to retain your anonymity, we will protect it as well. But just in case you want to reach out to someone, we can do that too. Reach out to us today and let