Is Laser Eye Surgery Dangerous


Is Laser Eye Surgery Dangerous

Is Laser Eye Surgery Dangerous

What comes to your mind when you here laser eye surgery? Do you start to imagine a needle poking through your laser beams and your eye burning a hole through it? You don’t have to worry about yourself because you might be far from the truth. Laser eye surgery is not dangerous and does not involve needles. And there is no form of burning involved; laser eye surgery is cold. Many people have this notion that laser eye surgery is a whole dangerous process and risky operation. This is just a perception that comes due to a lack of knowledge of what happens during the surgery.

Before surgery

Before surgery, you won’t feel any form of pain as the doctor puts first the anesthetic drops to make your eye numb. This means when the diamond eye care doctor will be clamping your eyelids open, it will have taken effect, and you won’t have any pain during the surgery.

To some people, the idea of having a clamp on the eyelid might seem scary and uncomfortable, but if you find out to be the case, what you have to do is to relax. You will be given a sedative if you are so anxious.

During the surgery

The produce is usually painless and stress-free. The anesthetic taken will save you from any form of pain by making your eye numb. The treatment takes about 30 to 40 minutes, so any feeling of being uncomfortable will be short-lived and minimal.

After surgery

Some LASIK and PRK patients report having experienced moderate pain while others a mild signing sensation. LASIK takes a shorter time to recover, a few weeks while PRK takes around one month or so.

So the whole process of laser eye surgery does not hurt at all. If you were considering having one soon, but you were scared of any danger, then that should not be the case.