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Vet Wow is not an organization. We are simply a website that helps our veterans rise again from the unfortunate incident that they went through. Military sexual trauma is not anymore new. But even if this is the case, it still does not get as much attention like when this happens to a regular civilian. Admit it, there is still a discrimination because many think that our veterans or the members of the military are invulnerable. Let us not forget that they are human too. As much as you and me, they also have the right to get the justice that they deserve in case they are a victim of sexual harassment or sexual assault. However, this is not the case. Mostly, the complaints of these veterans are usually watered down especially when the one they are complaining against are those who are in a much higher position. Also, let us not discount the fact that there are also those who are feeling embarrassed to reveal to the public what they went through particularly if they are men. Such results to trauma which can scar the victims for life.

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Here at Vet Wow, we promise that there is no need to be scared anymore. We are going to provide you any of the assistance you need. Even if you just want a set of ears to listen, we are not going to let you down. We are going to be here even if you choose to pursue a case against those who caused you harm. We are going to be behind you all throughout. We are not gender sensitive here. This means that there is no discrimination on who we extend our assistance to.

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