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By now, many of you may still be wondering what this website is about. This is the reason why we have collected here all possible questions being asked on a regular basis by the guests who frequent this site. May through their questions, you are enlightened on the mission and vision of this website. For more questions, you may always reach out to us. Just send us an email using the details you can find at the Contact Us page.

Q: Do you offer counselling here?

A: We do not. However, we can refer you to those who can. You can send to us your request via our email so that we can connect them to you as soon as possible.

Q: Does this group meet regularly?

A: Every once in a while we conduct here a meet and greet so that people can know each other better but only those who are willing. Meet and greet is not mandatory. However, if you need to meet with us, we can arrange it too. It can be a one-on-one or a group session. It is your choice.

Q: Do you accept donations?

A: For those who have the capability and the kind heart to donate, we do accept them. However, we do not encourage you to send cash donations via mail. You can send a check instead under the name of the company or donations in kind.

Q: Where is your main office located?

A: Our headquarters is found here in Tampa. The address is stated at the left-hand corner of the Contact Us page. You can visit us there.

Q: Do you accept volunteers?

A: We are first to understand that we cannot do it all. As such, we do accept those who are willing to volunteer. Email us for your intent and let us get back to you after we have already processed your request.