Fun and Meaningful Ways for Kids to Celebrate Veterans Day

Did you know that there are over 1.9 million female veterans in the United States? Veterans Day is a time to honor and show gratitude to all those who have served in the military.

If you’re looking for ways to involve kids in celebrating this important day, there are several fun and meaningful activities that can help them understand the significance of Veterans Day while also showing appreciation for our veterans.

From making cards to participating in neighborhood parades, there are various ways to engage kids in honoring our veterans that can leave a lasting impact.

Card-Making for Veterans

Get creative and show your appreciation by making heartfelt cards for veterans this Veterans Day. Let your imagination run wild as you design unique cards filled with gratitude and respect for those who’ve served our country. Gather colorful paper, markers, stickers, and any other craft supplies you like, and start crafting your special messages.

Begin by thinking about what you want to say to the veterans. Express your thanks for their bravery, sacrifice, and dedication to protecting our freedom. Write thoughtful messages inside the cards, letting the veterans know how much their service means to you. Add personal touches like drawings, patriotic symbols, or uplifting quotes to make the cards even more meaningful.

As you create these cards, remember the impact a simple gesture of appreciation can have on someone who’s served in the military. Your efforts will surely bring smiles to the faces of veterans and remind them that their service is valued and appreciated. So, grab your supplies, get crafting, and spread some joy to our deserving veterans this Veterans Day.

Neighborhood Parade Participation

Participate in your neighborhood parade to honor veterans and show your support for their service this Veterans Day. Joining the parade is a fantastic way for kids to actively demonstrate gratitude and respect for those who’ve served our country.

Here are some fun and meaningful ways to participate:

  • March in the Parade: Dress in patriotic colors and walk alongside veterans to show your appreciation.
  • Wave flags and banners to cheer on the veterans and create a festive atmosphere.
  • Practice marching or walking in formation to feel like a part of the organized parade.

Storytime With Veterans

How can you engage in ‘Storytime With Veterans’ this Veterans Day? One meaningful way to honor veterans is by listening to their stories. By hosting a ‘Storytime With Veterans’ event, kids can learn about the experiences, sacrifices, and triumphs of those who served in the military. It provides a personal connection to history and allows children to express gratitude directly to the veterans.

Storytime With Veterans Table:

Veteran Branch of Service War/Conflict
John Smith Army Vietnam War
Sarah Johnson Navy Gulf War
Mike Thompson Air Force Korean War
Lisa Davis Marines Iraq War
David Lee Coast Guard World War II

Gathering around to listen to veterans share their stories can be both educational and inspiring for kids. It fosters a sense of appreciation for the sacrifices made by these brave individuals. So, this Veterans Day, consider hosting or joining a ‘Storytime With Veterans’ session to honor and learn from those who served our country.

Care Package Assembly

As you listen to the veterans’ stories and gain insight into their experiences, consider the impact you can make by assembling care packages for those currently serving in the military. Sending a care package is a tangible way to show your appreciation and support for the brave individuals who are protecting our country.

  • Items to Include in the Care Package:

  • Snacks: Pack non-perishable snacks like beef jerky, protein bars, nuts, and dried fruits for a quick energy boost.

  • Personal Care Items: Include items like travel-sized toiletries, wet wipes, lip balm, and sunscreen to help them stay clean and comfortable in challenging environments.

  • Personal Touches to Add:

  • Handwritten Notes: Encourage kids to write thank you notes or draw pictures to uplift the spirits of the recipients.

  • Photos: Include uplifting photos or drawings to bring a smile to the faces of those serving far from home.

Flag Planting Ceremony

During the Flag Planting Ceremony, kids can proudly honor veterans by planting flags in a solemn and respectful manner. This activity allows children to pay tribute to the brave men and women who’ve served our country.

To start, gather small flags and visit a local veterans’ memorial or cemetery. Explain to the kids the significance of each flag they plant and the importance of showing gratitude for the sacrifices made by veterans. Encourage them to handle the flags with care and to follow any specific guidelines for flag placement at the location.

As they plant each flag, suggest that they take a moment of silence to reflect on the service and dedication of the veterans being honored. This simple yet powerful gesture can help instill a sense of respect and appreciation in children for the contributions of our military personnel.

After the ceremony, consider discussing with the kids how they felt during the flag planting and why it’s essential to remember and honor our veterans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Kids Continue to Support Veterans Throughout the Year, Beyond Veterans Day Activities?

You can continue supporting veterans beyond Veterans Day by writing letters, donating to veteran charities, or volunteering at VA hospitals. Your ongoing support helps show gratitude for their service and sacrifices throughout the year.

Are There Any Virtual Options Available for Kids to Participate in Honoring Veterans if They Are Unable to Attend In-Person Events?

If you can’t make it to in-person events, virtual options are available for kids to honor veterans. Consider virtual ceremonies, creating digital thank you cards, or participating in online fundraisers to show your support.

What Resources Are Available for Kids to Learn More About the History and Significance of Veterans Day?

Explore online resources like educational websites, virtual museums, and documentaries to discover the history and importance of Veterans Day. Engage in interactive activities and games to deepen your understanding and appreciation for our veterans.

How Can Kids Show Appreciation for Veterans Who May Not Be Able to Attend Community Events or Receive Care Packages?

To show appreciation for veterans unable to attend events or get care packages, you could write letters expressing gratitude, create artwork, or offer to help with chores or errands. Small gestures can make a big difference.

Are There Any Local Organizations or Charities That Kids Can Get Involved With to Support Veterans in Their Community?

You can support local organizations like VFW or American Legion. They often have programs for kids to volunteer or fundraise. Check with your school or community center for opportunities to help veterans in your area.


Celebrate Veterans Day with your kids in fun and meaningful ways like making cards for veterans, participating in neighborhood parades, reading stories with veterans, assembling care packages, and planting flags.

These activities not only honor our brave veterans but also teach children the importance of gratitude and service.

Get creative and involve your kids in showing appreciation for those who’ve served our country.

Let’s make Veterans Day special for our heroes!

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