Naked bike vs Sportsbike – What’s the Difference?


Naked bike vs Sportsbike – What’s the Difference?

Most of us would agree that a naked motorcycle is basically a motorcycle with no fairing and certainly no bodywork, either on the tank or anywhere else like the sides. The most significant difference between a naked bike and one with some fairing (whether it be half or full) is generally considered the wind protection offered by the added aerodynamics, which acts as insulation from cold and noise. Some motorcyclists may say that there’s more to it than this, but we’ll explain exactly what we mean, and you can decide for yourselves.

To kick things off, let’s first define how we define these two different types of motorcycles:

Naked bike – A motorcycle without any bodywork on the tank or anywhere else like the sides.

Sportsbike – A modern term used to describe a motorcycle with bodywork and generally in the form of a full fairing. The term “sportsbike” really took off in the early 1990s when race teams created motorcycles for road racing from sports bikes. These motorcycles were designed to be light, have low frontal area, and handle well by design.

The main problem with most cycling websites is that they fail to distinguish between two very different types of bikes: Naked Bikes and Sportsbikes. And although both of these categories have their fanatics, the truth is that every kind of bike serves a very different purpose.


You may have heard many people spouting the phrase “sportsbike vs naked bike” and questioning which is best to buy. After all, these are two different types of a motorcycle with a very distinctive style, and it’s not so easy to know which one will be right for you. Considering a sports bike can easily cost a couple of thousand dollars more than a naked bike, making the wrong choice could mean overpaying for something that doesn’t suit you. It would be best if you considered what your specific needs are before committing either way.

Sportsbikes share some similarities with full-on race bikes as they typically appear stripped down without fairings or windscreens. The staple features include clip-on handlebars, minimal bodywork and a lightweight frame. As technology has advanced, the modern sports bike is typically equipped with an engine that provides extreme power to weight ratio.

In Europe especially, it’s common for buyers to choose a sports bike over a naked bike primarily because police forces opt for this type of motorcycle in abundance. In contrast, in Australia, a typical police force would ride a Harley Davidson or Kymco 4×4. If you plan to go touring, it could be worth considering buying either a sports bike or a touring motorcycle as they offer more luggage space and better comfort levels when traveling long distances at speed. In terms of performance, there isn’t too much difference between these two types of motorcycles, so you will have to consider the style of riding you want to do.

A naked bike is often used for commuting and can also be a standard or streetfighter, which typically features flat handlebars, swept-back bars, and an upright seating position. Good bikes are simple, efficient machines built for comfort more than speed; they’re not designed for racing but instead travel on short distances at modest speeds with ease. Although similar in style to sports bikes, some naked bikes can come with fairings if you prefer something less plain without feeling the wind on your face every time you ride. Handling on naked bikes tends to be slightly different as some models will have improved stability at higher speeds due to longer wheelbase or added suspension components.

Both motorcycles have their own set of pros and cons, so it’s essential to consider what you want from a bike before choosing one or the other. If you’re going for a sports bike, then decide whether your goal is fun riding on weekends, commuting to work or racing, as this will help narrow down the best choice of vehicle suited to you. For those looking at naked bikes, think about if you want something simple that looks stylish or prefer an upright seating position – knowing the answer will give insight into which motorcycle is more likely to suit your needs. Just make sure always to wear a helmet when riding.