I love the fact that this website caters to our veterans. A lot of people do not often realize that they need help too. That’s why this website is really helpful. I wish that more people will be a part of this group to help those veterans who need it the most. They are supposed to be our heroes but that doesn’t mean that they are not human too.


This is a good initiative for the people behind this website. This is what is often overlooked in the society we have now. Instead of being assistance to the victims, we usually people blame and that is when our veterans begin to build walls around themselves. They do not deserve it especially after fighting for the country. What they deserve is to be cared for by those they strive to protect. Let us stand for them and let us give them a new hope for their new tomorrow.


It saddens me that our veterans went through this extremely traumatic experience in their life. They do not deserve this, to be honest – no one does. But still, life deals them bad cards which even cost them their lives. I really hope that those veterans who are already feeling hopeless will reach out to this website. In that way, they can feel that they have a support system behind them. We know that it is heard and we cannot even tell you that we feel you because what you are feeling is unique to you. But rest assured that you will always have a friend in us.


Vet Wow has really done a good thing by establishing this website. I hope more and more people will be encouraged to join. We are going to do our best to be of help to you guys. There is no discrimination here so be sure to reach out when you need to.